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The Power of Touch

Note: For the sake of simplicity, I’m using the pronoun ‘him’ for your partner … but obviously this works just as well for ‘her’!

We all underestimate the power of touch in a relationship, this Valentines day (14th February), why not treat your partner to a sexy sensual massage. Here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Make Time (no excuses)make-time-for-a-massage
  2. Prepare your massage spaceprepare-your-massage-space
  3. If you have long hair, tie it backIf-you-have-long-hair-tie-i
  4. Turn down the lightsromantic-massage-tips
  5. Light some candlescandles-for-massage
  6. Play some music (I love Lana Del Ray)music-for-massage
  7. Have some fun (the more you enjoy it the more he will.) how-to-massage

Start by running your fingers in circular motions around his head, work your way from the top half, right down to the back of his neck. Stroke your nails gently around his ears a couple of times (as if you were putting your hair behind your ears).

Use a nice unscented massage oil and warm it between your hands before you touch him, or have some fun and use Monogomy Candles that you can light as a regular candle and pour straight onto the skin (like his back).

As you bring your fingertips down to his shoulders, use your thumbs to press a little harder again in circular motions.
The key to a good massage is the different sensations from touch.
Ask him does he like it, or what would he like.

As you make your way down his back, use different parts of your hands.
Just use your fingertips in circular motions covering the whole back area, then use the sides of your closed fists concentrating on the top half of his back , use the sides of your hands to slide up and sown in straight lines , then use your fingertips like a feather to tease him before rubbing him with flat hands.

Happy Massaging!



Image Credits: Gabriela Pinto, Daniela Vladimirova.